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2018-12-14 2018, 12, 21 (Fri.), 14:00 pm【學術專題演講/ Speech:Prof. Steven Meech】Femtosecond to Microsecond Study of Mechanism in Photoswitchable Fluorescent Proteins
2018-12-06 2018/12/14【學術專題演講/ Speech:Prof. Oh Kungsoo】Diversification of Reaction Pathways: Unraveling the Intricacy between Catalysts and Substrates
2018-11-29 2018, 12, 7 (Fri.), 14:00 pm【學術專題演講/ Speech:黃馨嫺 講師】你有多會「撩」?談戀愛生存法則!
2018-11-23 2018, 11, 30 (Fri.), 16:00 pm 【學術專題演講/ Speech:Prof. Toshiwa Takada】Rotaxane Chemistry Directed toward Unique Catalysts and ​Materials
2018-11-23 2018, 11, 30 (Fri.), 14:00 pm 【學術專題演講/ Speech:Prof. Kenji Kamada】Photophysical Processes with Two Photons: Two-photon Absorption and Triplet-triplet Annihilation Photon Upconversion
2018-11-20 2018/11/23-演講增加場-【學術專題演講/ Speech:Prof. LOUIS FENSTERBANK】New Advances in Organometallic and Photoredox Catalysis
2018-11-16 2018/11/23 【學術專題演講/ Speech:Prof. Yoshihiro Ito】Delivery methods of siRNA and anticancer drug
2018-10-29 2018/11/02【學術專題演講/ Speech:Prof. Tarczay György】Chemistry and molecular physics in low-temperature inert and reactive matrice
2018-10-19 【學術專題演講/ Speech:Prof. Kazuo Tanaka】Design and Synthesis of Functional Polymeric Materials Based on Element-Blocks
2018-10-15 【學術專題演講/ Speech陳志平 副教授】Organic and perovskite photovoltaics