職稱 副教授
姓名 王建隆
聯絡電話 (03) 5712121#56502
電子郵件 kclwang@nctu.edu.tw
網站 http://clwlabnctu.wixsite.com/wang-group
家庭住址 辦公室:交通大學田家炳大樓 713室
傳真 886-3-5723764
研究專長 高分子物理、超分子材料、共軛結構與兩性分子的熱性質分析和結構表徵、有機光電元件
實驗室電話 03-5712121#56598
年度 論文名稱
2016 N. Murshid , K. Yuyama , S.-L. Wu , K.-Y. Wu , H. Masuhara , C.-L. Wang and X. Wang, Highly-Integrated, Laser Manipulable Aqueous Metal Carbonyl Vesicles (MCsomes) with Aggregation-Induced Emission (AIE) and Aggregation-Enhanced IR Absorption (AEIRA)., J. Mater. Chem. C, 4, pp5231-5240
2016 C.-J. Chaing, J.-C. Chen*, Y.-J. Kuo, H.-Y. Tsao, K.-Y. Wu, C.-L. Wang, 2,2’-Bis(trifluoromethyl)biphenyl as a building block for highly ambient-stable, amorphous organic field-effect transistors with balanced ambipolarity., RSC Adv., 6, pp8628-8638
2016 W.-W. Liang, C.-F. Huang, K.-Y. Wu, S.-L. Wu, S.-T. Chang, Y.-J. Cheng and C.-L. Wang*, Flat-on ambipolar triphenylamine/C60 nano-stacks formed from the self-organization of a pyramid-sphere-shaped amphiphile., Chem. Sci., 7, pp2768-2774
2016 S.-H. Chou, H.-W. Kang, S.-T. Chang, K.-Y. Wu, G. C. Bazan, C.-L. Wang,* H.-L. Lin, J.-H. Chang, H.-W. Lin, Y.-C. Huang, C.-S. Tsao, K.-T. Wong*, Cofacial Versus Coplanar Arrangement in Centrosymmetric Packing Dimers of Dipolar Small Molecules: Structural Effects on the Crystallization Behaviors and Optoelectronic Characteristics., ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 8, pp18266-18276
2016 S.-L. Wu, C.-Y. Hong, K.-Y. Wu, S.-T. Lan, C.-T. Hsieh, H.-L. Chen, C.-L. Wang* , Conformational Preferences and the Phase Stability of Fullerene Hexa-adducts., Chem. Asian J., 11, pp2011-2015
2016 C.-F. Huang, S.-L. Wu, Y.-F. Huang, Y.-C. Chen, S.-T. Chang, T.-Y. Wu, K.-Y. Wu, W.-T. Chuang, and C.-L. Wang*, Packing Principles for Donor−Acceptor Oligomers from Analysis of Single Crystals, Chem. Mater., 28, pp5175-5190
2016 Wu, K. Y.; Hsieh, C. T.; Wang, L. H.; Hsu, C. H.; Chang, S. T.; Lan, S. T.; Huang, Y. F.; Chen, Y. M.; Wang, C. L.*, Influences of Out-Of-Plane Lattice Alignment on the OFET Performance of TIPS-PEN Crystal Arrays., Cryst. Growth Des., 16, pp6160-6166
2015 C.‐J. Chian, J.‐C. Chen,* H.‐Y. Tsao, K.‐Y. Wu, C.‐L. Wang*, Ambient‐Stable, Annealing‐Free, and Ambipolar Organic Field‐ Effect Transistors Based on Solution‐Processable Poly(2,2’‐bis(trifluoromethyl)biphenyl‐alt‐2,5‐divinylthiophene) without Long Alkyl Side Chains., Adv. Funct. Mater., 25, pp606-614
2015 K.-Y. Wu, C.-C. Chiu, W.-T. Chuang, C.-L. Wang* and C.-S. Hsu*, Backbone Rigidity and Its Influences on the Morphology and Charge Mobility of FBT Based Conjugated Polymers., Polym. Chem., 6, pp1309-1315
2015 C.-F. Huang, J.-Y. Chang, S.-H. Huang, K.-Y. Wu, J.-F. Jheng, W.-T. Chuang, C.-S. Hsu, C.-L. Wang*, Polymorphisms and morphological studies of a difluorobenzothiadiazole conjugated copolymer with 7.8% polymer solar cell efficiency., J. Mater. Chem. A, 3, pp3968-3974
2015 K.-Y. Wu, T.-Y. Wu, S.-T. Chang, C.-S. Hsu and C.-L. Wang*, A Facile PDMS-Assisted Crystallization for the Crystal-Engineering of C60 Single-Crystal Organic Field-Effect Transistors, Adv. Mater., 27, pp4371-4376
2015 Y.-T. Chen,  T.-W. Huang ,  C.-L. Wang*, C.-S. Hsu*, Influences of the backbone randomness on the properties, morphology and performances of the fluorinated benzoselenadiazole–benzothiadiazole based random copolymers, Polym. Chem., 6, pp3728-3736
2014 M.-C. Lin, C.-H. Hsu, H.-J. Sun, C.-L. Wang, W.-B. Zhang, Y. Li, H.-L. Chen, S. Cheng, Crystal structure and molecular packing of an asymmetric giant amphiphile constructed by one C60 and two POSSs, Polymer, 55, pp4514-4520
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2014 Y. H. Chao, J.-F. Jheng, J.-S. Wu, K.-Y. Wu, H.-H. Peng, M.-C. Tsai, C.-L. Wang, Y.-N. Hsiao, C.-L. Wang,* C.-Y. Lin,* C.-S. Hsu*, Porphyrin-Incorporated 2D D–A Polymers with Over 8.5% Polymer Solar Cell Efficiency, Adv. Mater., 26, pp5205-5210
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2011 Cao, Yan; Van Horn, Ryan M.; Sun, Hao-Jan; Zhang, Guoliang; Wang, Chien-Lung; Jeong, Kwang-Un; Auriemma, Finizia; De Rosa, Claudio; Lotz, Bernard; Cheng, Stephen Z. D., Stem Tilt in a-Form Single Crystal of Isotactic Polypropylene: A Manifestation of Conformational Constraints Set by Stereochemistry and Minimized Fold Encumbrance, Macromolecules, 44, pp3916-3923
國家 學校名稱 系所 學位 期間
美國 The Univeristy of Akron 高分子科學系 博士 2006.09 ~ 2011.05
台灣 國立台灣大學 化學系 碩士 1999.09 ~ 2001.06
台灣 國立台灣師範大學 化學系 學士 1995.09 ~ 1999.06
服務機關名稱 單位 職務
National Chiao Tung University Department of Applied Chemistry Associate Professor
National Chiao Tung University Department of Applied Chemistry Assistant Professor
The University of Akron Department of Polymer Engineering Postdoctoral Research Associate

★ Research Award for Young Scientists at Science College, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan (2015)

★ Eastman Chemical Company Fellowship, Eastman Chemical Company, USA (2010)

★ Ticona Award , The University of Akron, USA (2010)

★ The Ronald K. Eby Award, The University of Akron, USA (2007)

★ Yen Thesis Award, Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University (2001)

★ The Award from Dean of College of Science, National Taiwan University (2001)

★ Research Creativity Award,  National Science Council, ROC (1999)

★ Dr. Yuan-Tseh Lee Scholarship, China Technical Consultants, Inc. Foundation (1995)