Ph. D Qualified Examination 3 on academic year 104.

Ph. D Qualified Examination information:
Date and Time:at 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on July 4 , 2016.
Location:R 210, Science Building II.
Candidates should follow the rules as below.
1.Enter the examination room at the appointed time and take the seat assigned in accordance with the seat number.
2.Keep only the following items on the desk: student ID card, pencil, ruler and eraser.
3.Put student ID card on the upper left corner of the desk for examination.
4.If candidates need to use calculator, A4 papers or answer sheet, please ask invigilator for help. 
Candidates are not permitted to enter the examination room again after leaving the seat, so please hand in the answer sheet before leaving.

PhD Qualified Exam in Analytical Chemistry

Anal. Chem. papers (June 2015 - May 2016) related to nano material, electrochemical analysis, CE, and MS. 
For detail information, please come to my lab.(Room number is R714, Tin Ka Ping Photonic Building..)

PhD Qualified Exam in Physical Chemistry

Molecular Motion, Chemical Kinetics, and Reaction Dynamics.
Please refer to the book “Physical Chemistry: Quanta, Matter, and Change”2nd ed. by Atkins, de Paula, and Friedman. Focus 16, 17, 18. pp 755 – 874.

PhD Qualified Exam in Organic Chemistry

Qualification of Organic Chemistry Group will be from following Book Chapter:
Carey, F. A. and Sundberg, R. J., Advanced Organic Chemistry, Part B:  Reactions and Synthesis, 5th edition, Springer, New York, 2007, Chapter 6, Concerted Cycloadditions, Unimolecular Rearrangements, and Thermal Elimination. 
Note:  The electronic version of the book chapters can be downloaded from the University Library.