Ph. D Qualified Examination 1 on academic year 107.

Ph. D Qualified Examination information:
Date and Time:at 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Nov 5, 2018.
Location:R 203, Science Building II.

Candidates should follow the rules as below.
1. Enter the examination room at the appointed time and take the seat assigned in accordance with the seat number.
2. Keep only the following items on the desk: student ID card, pencil, ruler and eraser.
3. Put student ID card on the upper left corner of the desk for examination.
4. If candidates need to use calculator, A4 papers or answer sheet, please ask invigilator for help. 
5. Candidates are not permitted to enter the examination room again after leaving the seat, so please hand in the answer sheet before leaving.

Ph. D. Qualified Exam in Organic Chemistry
Range: Some issues of Asain JOC in 2018 (January-June).

Ph. D. Qualified Exam in Physical Chemistry
Fundamental Thermodynamics (excluding solutions, surfaces, and electrochemical cells).