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The International Master Program for Interdisciplinary Molecular Science of Materials & Chemical Biology

A solid foundation in interdisciplinary research is the driving force behind innovation in industry. As nations move toward and continue to develop high-tech industries in a new global market, there is a dramatic increase in demand for internationally-able interdisciplinary professionals.
The International Master Program for Interdisciplinary Molecular Science of Materials and Chemical Biology is, as its name implies, an interdisciplinary cross-department program that takes its staff from all departments in the College of Science. This International Master Program strives to best prepare its students to shine in today’s expanding world. To that end, this program will focus on four facets: the internationalization of faculty, research, curriculum, and students. By working closely with three of NCTU’s renowned neighbors, the National Center for High-Performance Computing, National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, and numerous corporations in Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park, this program will be able to equip its students with practical knowledge for conducting research—professionals able to stand their own and lead in a competitive global market.
In the future, this program hopes to further expand its reach through combining forces with similar programs in NCHU, taking it to the next level as a cross-university program.