We cordially invite you to join the 12th Annual Conference of the Taiwan Society for Mass Spectrometry (13th – 15th July, 2015). The Taiwan Society for Mass Spectrometry (TSMS) has been established to promote and foster the developments in the mass spectrometry field in Taiwan. Mass spectrometry is an important scientific technique which enables identification of molecules in variety of samples, including biological, environmental, and industrial matrices. The 21st century has brought significant developments to mass spectrometry, and the field has grown internationally. In 2015, the TSMS conference will be held in the National Chiao Tung University in Hsinchu (for details see: http://www.tsms2015.tw). Plenary talks will be given by world-class experts: Prof. Roman Zubarev (known for electron capture dissociation as well as proteomics and metabolomics research) and Prof. Tsutomu Masujima (known for the development of mass spectrometric methods for single-cell analysis). The conference program will start with tutorial lectures covering fundamental aspects of mass spectrometry as well as workshops which will facilitate discussion of arising topics with significant societal impact. Most oral talks will be given during parallel sessions, which will cover a variety of subjects: hyphenated techniques, time-resolved mass spectrometry, microscale and ultratrace analysis, imaging mass spectrometry, fundamental studies, sample preparation, ionization methods, food safety and analysis, inorganic analysis, proteomics as well as metabolomics. A special session is reserved for the TSMS award winners. Approximately, one third of all oral presentations will use English language, which will enable active participation of international students, postdocs, fellows, and help junior students get acquainted with mass spectrometry-related English terminology. Students participating in this conference will also have an opportunity to present their research outcomes during the poster session. All the participants will benefit from interactions with instrument and consumable vendors who will promote their products during the technical exhibition and lunch seminars. We are confident that your attendance in this event will help us make it highly beneficial to the whole mass spectrometry community, and that the meeting will stimulate cross-field collaborations. See you in Hsinchu!

Title 12th Annual Conference of the Taiwan Society for Mass Spectrometry
13th – 15th July, 2015
 Science Building 3, National Chiao Tung University in Hsinchu

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