Kwok Kong Tony Mong
Professor,Organic Chemistry
Name Kwok Kong Tony Mong
Office Tel No. (03)51-31204
Email tmong@mail.nctu.edu.tw
website http://web.it.nctu.edu.tw/~tonymong/
Organic Synthesis, Synthesis and Design of glycoconjugates, Carbohydrate Chemistry
Lab. phone 03-5712121#56586
Year Paper Title
2020 Hau-Ming Jan, Yi-Chi Chen, Tsai-Chen Yang, Lih-Lih Ong, Chia-Chen Chang, Sasikala Muthusamy, Andualem Bahiru Abera, Ming-Shiang Wu, Jacquelyn Gervay-Hague, Kwok-Kong Tony Mong* and Chun-Hung Lin*, Cholesteryl α-D-glucoside 6-acyltransferase enhances the adhesion of Helicobacter pylori to gastric epithelium, Communications Biology, 3, pp120-, (SCI)
2018 Cheng-Jhe Sie, Venukumar Patteti , Yi-Ru Yang and Kwok-Kong Tony Mong*, General Strategy for the Diverse Syntheses of Anhydrolandomycinone, Tetrangulol, and Landomycinone, Chemical Communications, 54, pp1885-1888, (SCI)
2017 Yen-Chu Luke Lu, Bhaswati Ghosh, Kwok-Kong Tony Mong*, Unusually Stable Picoloyl-protected Trimethylsilyl Glycosides for Non-symmetrical 1,1'-Glycosylation and Synthesis of 1,1'-Disaccharides with Diverse Configurations, Chemistry - A European Journal, 23(28), pp6905-6918, (SCI)
2017 Chun-Hsien Li, Yi-Ling Bai, Karuppuchamy Selvaprakash, Kwok-Kong Tony Mong, and Yu-Chie Chen*, Selective Detection of Shiga-like Toxin 1 from Complex Samples Using Pigeon Ovalbumin Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles as Affinity Probes, J. Agric. Food Chem, DOI: 10.1021/acs.jafc.7b00863
2017 Jhe-Cyuan Hu, Ai-Fen Wendy Feng, Bo-Yao Chang,a Chun-Hung Lin,*, and Kwok-Kong Tony Mong* , A Flexible 1,2-cis α-Glycosylation Strategy Based on in situ Adduct Transformation, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, DOI: 10.1039/c7ob00839b, (SCI)
2016 Hau-Ming Jan, Yi-Chi Chen, Yu-Yin Shih, Yu-Chen Huang, Zhijay Tu, Arun B. Ingle, Sheng-Wen Liu, Ming-Shiang Wu, Jacquelyn Gervay-Hague, Kwok-Kong Tony Mong, Yet-Ran Chen and Chun-Hung Lin *, Metabolic labelling of cholesteryl glucosides in Helicobacter pylori reveals how uptake of human lipids enhances bacterial virulence, Chemical Science, 7, pp6208-6216, (SCI)
2015 Shaheen K. Mulani, Kuang-Chun Cheng, and Kwok-Kong T. Mong*, General Homologation Strategy for Synthesis of L-glycero- and D-glycero-Heptopyranoses, Organic Letters, 17 (22), pp5536-5539, (SCI)
2015 Fang-Yin Kuo, Bo-Yao Chang, Ching-Yi Wu, Kwok-Kong Tony Mong,* and Yu-Chie Chen*, Magnetic Nanoparticle-Based Platform for Characterization of Shiga-like Toxin 1 from Complex Samples, Analytical Chemistry, 87, 20, pp10513-10520, (SCI)
2015 Kwok-Kong Tony Mong,* Kai-Sheng Shiau, Yu Hsien Lin, Kuang-Chun Cheng and Chun-Hung Lin, Concise Synthesis of Single Components of Sulfated Oligomannans, Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, 13, pp11550-11560, (SCI)
2015 Tapan Kumar Pradhan and Kwok-Kong Tony Mong* , Glycosylation Chemistry of 3-Deoxy-D-manno-Oct-2-ulosonic Acid (Kdo) Donors, Isreal Journal of Chemistry, 55, 3-4, pp285-296, (SCI)
2015 Toshiki Nokami*, Toshiyuki Itoh and Kwok-Kong Tony Mong*, Chemical Glycosylation by Single Electron Transfer, Isreal Journal of Chemistry, 55, 3-4, pp297-305, (SCI)
2015 Jyh-Herng Ruei, Patteti Venukumar, Arun B. Ingle and Kwok-Kong Tony Mong*, C6 Picoloyl Protection: a Remote Stereodirecting Group for 2-Deoxy-beta-Glycoside Formation, Jyh-Herng Chemical Communications, pp5394-5397, (SCI)
2014 Shaheen K. Mulani, Wei-Cheng Hung, Arun B. Ingle, Kai-Sheng Shiau, Kwok-Kong Tony Mong,*, Modulating glycosylation with exogenous nucleophiles: an overview, Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, 12, 8, pp1184-1197, (SCI)
2014 Arun B. Ingle, Chin-Sheng Chao, Wei-Cheng Hung, and Kwok-Kong Tony Mong*, Chemical Synthesis of O-Antigen Repeating Unit of Escherichia coli O86:H2 by N-Formyl Morpholine Modulated One-Pot Glycosylation Strategy, Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry, Highlighted article in ChemistryViews, 3, 8, pp870-876, (SCI)
2014 Chen.-Wei. Li,, Kai.-Wei. Hon, Bhaswati Ghosh, Po.-Han. Li, Hsien-Ya. Lin, Po Han Chan, Chun Hung Lin, Yu-Chie Chen,* Kwok-Kong Tony Mong*, Synthesis of Oligomeric Mannosides and Their Structure-binding Relationship Study with Concanavalin A, Chemistry - an Asian Journal, 9, pp1786-1796, (SCI)
2014 Jiun-Han Chen, Jyh-Herng Ruei, and Kwok-Kong Tony Mong*, Iterative alpha-Glycosylation Strategy for 2-Deoxy- and 2,6-Dideoxy-sugars: Its Application to One-pot Synthesis of Deoxysugar-containing oligosaccharides, European Journal of Organic Chemistry, pp1827-1831, (SCI)
2014 Shaheen K. Mulani, Jih-Hwa Guh, and Kwok-Kong Tony Mong*, A General Synthetic Strategy for Phenylethanoid Glycosides and Preliminary Study of Anti-Proliferation Property on Human Prostate Cancer Cell Lines , Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, 12, 18, pp2926-2937, (SCI)
2014 Tapan Kumar Pradhan, Chun-Cheng Lin, Kwok-Kong Tony Mong*, Preparation of a Protected 3-Deoxy-ᴅ-Manno-Oct-2-ulosonate Glycal Donor for the Synthesis of beta-KDO containing Oligosaccharides, Organic Letters, 16, 5, pp1474-1477, (SCI)
2014 Wei-Ting Chien, Chien-Fu Liang, Ching-Ching Yu, Chien-Hung Lin, Si-Peng Li, Indah Primadona, Yu-Ju Chen, Kwok Kong T. Mong and Chun-Cheng Lin* , Sequential one-pot enzymatic synthesis of oligo-N-acetyllactosamine and its multi-sialylatedextensions, Chemical Communications, 50, pp5786-5789, (SCI)
2013 Tapan Kumar Pradhan, Chun Cheng Lin, Kwok Kong Tony Mong*, Formal synthesis of 3-Deoxy-D-manno-octulosonic Acid (KDO) and 3-deoxy-D-arabino-2-heptulosonic acid (DAH) , Synlett, 24, pp219-222, (SCI)
2013 Po-Han Chan, † Bhaswati Ghosh, † Hong-Zheng Lai, Hwei-Ling Peng, Kwok Kong Tony Mong*, Yu-Chie Chen*, Photoluminescent Gold Nanoclusters as Sensing Probes for Uropathogenic Escherichia coli, PLoS ONE, 8, 3, ppe58064-, (SCI)
2013 Chien-Hung Lin, Tsung-Che Chang, Anindya Das, Ming-Yu Fang, Hui-Chen Hung, Kai-Cheng Hsu, Jinn-Moon Yang, Mark von Itzstein, Kwok Kong T. Mong, Tsu-An Hsu* and Chun-Cheng Lin*, Synthesis of acylguanidine zanamivir derivatives asneuraminidase inhibitors and the evaluation of theirbio-activities, Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, 11, pp3943-3948, (SCI)
2013 Toshiki Nokami*, Ryutaro Hayashi, Yoshihiro Saigusa, Akihiro Shimizu, Chih-yueh Liu, Kwok-Kong Tony Mong, Jun-ichi Yoshida*, Automated Solution-Phase Synthesisof Oligosaccharides via IterativeElectrochemical Assembly ofThioglycosides, Organic Letters, 15, 17, pp4520-4523, (SCI)
2013 Bhaswati Ghosh, Yen-Hsun Lai, Yu-Yin Shih, Tapan Kumar Pradhan, Chun-Hung Lin,* and Kwok-Kong Tony Mong*, Total Synthesis of a Glycoglycerolipid from Meiothermus taiwanensis through a One-Pot Glycosylation Reaction and Exploration of its Immunological Properties, Chemistry - an Asian Journal, 8, 12, pp3191-3199, (SCI)
2013 Chia-Hung Wang, Shiou-Ting Li, Tzu-Lung Lin, Yang-Yu Cheng, Tsung-Hsien Sun, Jin-Town Wang, Ting-Jen R. Cheng, Kwok Kong Tony Mong, Chi-Huey Wong, and Chung-Yi Wu*, Synthesis of Neisseria meningitidis Serogroup W135 CapsularOligosaccharides for Immunogenicity Comparison and VaccineDevelopment, Angewandte Chemie, International Edition, 52, pp9157-9161, (SCI)
2013 Arun B. Ingle, Chin-Sheng Chao, Wei-Cheng Hung, and Kwok-Kong Tony Mong*, Tuning Reactivity of Glycosyl ImidiniumIntermediate for 2‑Azido-2-deoxyglycosylDonors in alpha‑Glycosidic Bond Formation, Organic Letters, 15, 20, pp5290-5293, (SCI)
2012 Chih-Yueh Ivan Liu, Shaheen Mulani, Kwok-Kong Tony Mong*, Iterative One-pot alpha-Glycosylation Strategy: Applicationto Oligosaccharide Synthesis, Advanced Synthesis and Catalyst, 354, pp3299-3310, (SCI)
2012 Kwok-Kong Tony Mong,* Yu-Fang Yen, Wei-Cheng Hung, Yen-Hsun Lai, Jiun-Han Chen, Application of 2-Azido-2-Deoxy-Thioglycosides for beta-Glycoside Formation and Oligosaccharide Synthesis, European Journal of Organic Chemistry, pp3009-3017, (SCI)
2012 Cheng-Huan Hsieh, Chin-Sheng Chao, Kwok-Kong Tony Mong, Yu-Chie Chen,*, On-line monitoring of chemical reactions by contactless atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometry, Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 47, pp586-590, (SCI)
2012 Yu Hsien Lin, Bhaswati Ghosh, Kwok-Kong Tony Mong*, In situ formation of beta-glycosyl imidinium triflate from participating thioglycosyl donors: elaboration to disarmed–armed iterative glycosylation, Chemical Communications, 48, pp10910-10912, (SCI)
2011 Chin-Sheng Chao, Yu-Fang Yen, Wei-Cheng Hung, and Kwok-Kong Tony Mong*, Solvent-Participation in One Pot Glycosylation Strategy (SPOG), Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, 353, pp879-884, (SCI)
2011 Chin-Sheng Chao,† Ching-Yu Lin,† Shaheen Mulani, Wei-Cheng Hung, Kwok-Kong Tony Mong*, Neighboring Group Participation of C-2 Ether Function in (Nitrile Solvent)-directed Glycosylations, Chemistry - A European Journal, 17, pp12193 -12202, (SCI)
2011 Shao-Ru Lu, Yen-Hsun Lai, Jiun-Han Chen, Chih-Yueh Liu, and Kwok-Kong Tony Mong* , Dimethylformamide: An Unusual GlycosylationModulator, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 50, 32, pp7315-7320, (SCI)
2010 Shih-Che Lin, Chin-Sheng Chao, Chiu-Ching Chang, Kwok-Kong T. Mong* , Joined use of oxazolidinone and desymmetric amino protection: a new strategy for protection of glucosamine, Tetrahedron Letters, 51, pp1910-1913, (SCI)
2010 Tsung-Yi Chen, Chin-Sheng Chao, Kwok-Kong Tony Mong,* and Yu-Chie Chen*, Ultrasonication-assisted spray ionization mass spectrometry for on-line monitoring of organic reactions, Chemical Communications, 46, pp8347-8349, (SCI)
2010 Shih-Sheng Chang, Che-Hao Shih, Kwun-Cheng Lai, Kwok-Kong Tony Mong*, Rate Dependent Inverse-Addition beta-selective Mannosylation and Contiguous Sequential Glycosylation Involving beta-Mannosidic Bond Formation, Chemistry - An Asian Journal, 5, pp1152-1162, (SCI)
2009 Chih-Wei Chang, Shih-Sheng Chang, Chin-Sheng Chao, Kwok-Kong T. Mong*, A Mild and General Method for Preparation of alpha-Glycosyl Chlorides, Tetrahedron Letters, 50, pp4536-4540, (SCI)
2009 Chin-Sheng Chao, Chen-Wei Li, Min-Chun Chen, Shih-Sheng Chang, Kwok-Kong Tony Mong* , Low Concentration 1,2-trans beta-Selective Glycosylation Strategy and its Applications in Oligosaccharide Synthesis, Chemistry - A European Journal, 15, pp10972-10982, (SCI)
2009 Jr-Chi Liu, Wei-Jen Chen, Chen-Wei Li, Kwok-Kong Tony Mong, Pei-Jane Tsai, Te-Lung Tsai, Yuan C. Lee and Yu-Chie Chen*, Identification of Pseudomonas aeruginosa using functional magnetic nanoparticle-based affinity capture combined with MALDI MS analysis, Analyst, 134, pp2087-2094, (SCI)
2009 Kwok-Kong Tony Mong,* Chin-Sheng Chao, Min-Chun Chen, Chun-Wei Lin, Tandem One-Pot Acetalation–Acetylation for Direct Access to Differentially Protected Thioglycosides and O-Glycosides with p-Toluenesulfonic Acid, Synlett, 4, pp603-606, (SCI)
2009 Shih-Sheng Chang, Chun-Cheng Lin, Yaw-Kuen Li,* Kwok-Kong Tony Mong*, A Straightforward alpha-Selective Aromatic Glycosylation and Its Application for Stereospecific Synthesis of 4-Methylumbrelliferyl alpha-T-antigen, Carbohydrate Research, 344, pp432-438, (SCI)
2009 Sheng-Wen Liu, Chao-Sheng Chen, Shih-Shen Chang, Kwok-Kong Tony Mong, Chun-Hung Lin, Cheng-Wen Chang, Chuan Yi Tang, and Yaw-Kuen Li*, Identification of Essential Residues of Human alpha-L-Fucosidase and Tests of Its Mechanism, Biochemistry, 48, pp110-120, (SCI)
2008 Chin-Sheng Chao, Min-Chun Chen, Shih-Che Lin, and Kwok-kong Tony Mong*, Versatile Acetylation of Carbohydrate Substrates with Bench-top Sulfonic Acids and its Application to the One-pot Syntheses of Peracetyl Thioglycosides, Carbohydrate Research, 343, pp957-964, (SCI)
Project Category Year Project Title Participator Job Title Period Unit
Research Projects 2019 Synthesis of new nonsymmetrical trehalose and skipped methyl deoxypolypropronate fatty acid components of Mycobacterium tuberculosis related sulfo-glycolipids 2019.08 ~ 2021.07 Ministry of Science and Technology
Research Projects 2017 Total Synthesis of “Trojan Horse” Antibiotics, Salmycins Based on New Homologation Strategy for Sugar Substrates 2017.08 ~ 2019.07 Ministry of Science and Technology
Research Projects 2016 Total Synthesis of Landomycin Antibiotics on the base of CH Activation and Remote Control Glycosylation Methods 2016.08 ~ 2017.07 Ministry of Science and Technology
Research Projects 2016 Cholesterol Glycosylation and Lipidation in Gastric Microbiome. Sub-project 3: Structure-activity relationship of cholesteryl glucoside derivatives to study CagA translocation and lipid raft formation. 2016.08 ~ 2019.08 Ministry of Science and Technology
Research Projects 2013 Exploration of alpha-Glycosylation method for inactive 2-Azido-2-Deoxy-thioglycoside donors 2013.08 ~ 2016.07 National Science Council of Taiwan
Research Projects 2011 Development of analytical methods for detection of foodborne pathogens and toxins. Sub-project 1: Synthesis of structurally defined functional carbohydrates for probing food borne pathogens and toxins. 2011.08 ~ 2014.07 Ministry of Science and Technology
Research Projects 2010 Resolution of aglycon transfer of thioglycosides in orthogonal glycosylations and development of multiple component one-pot glycosylation (MuCOP) strategy 2010.08 ~ 2013.07 National Science Council of Taiwan
Research Projects 2008 Synthesis of Neoglycodendritic proteins as chemical probes for protein receptor 2008.08 ~ 2010.07 National Science Council of Taiwan
Research Projects 2007 New synthetic strategy towards cancer related Lewis antigen hapten 2007.08 ~ 2008.07 National Science Council of Taiwan
Research Projects 2005 Design and synthesis of polymeric glycoprotein hybrid 2005.11 ~ 2007.07 National Science Council of Taiwan
Patent Title Patent Number Patent Country Authors
alfa-Selective Glycosylation Method Taiwan 418563 Taiwan K.-K. T. Mong*, C.-S. Chao, S.-R. Lu, C.-Y. Liu
Country School Name Department Degree Duration
Hong Kong The Chinese University of Hong Kong Chemistry Department Ph.D. 1996.12 ~ 2000.04
Hong Kong The Chinese University of Hong Kong Chemistry department Bachelor of Science 1992.10 ~ 1995.12
Organization Title Department Job Title Duration
National Chiao Tung University Department of Applied Chemistry Professor 2014.08 ~ Up to today
National Chiao Tung University Department of Applied Chemistry Associate Professor 2010.08 ~ 2014.07
National Chiao Tung University Department of Applied Chemistry Assistant Professor 2005.08 ~ 2010.07
Ilypsa Inc, CA, USA Polymer Drug discovery Senior staff scientist 2003.03 ~ 2005.07
The Scripps Research Institute, CA Department of Chemistry Research Associate 2000.09 ~ 2002.11
Honor Category Year Award Name Awarding Unit
Awards and Honors 2015 2015 Emerging Investigator Royal Chemical Scoiety
Awards and Honors 2014 2014 Asian Core Program Lectureship Award from Mainland China The New Phase Asian Core Program On Cutting-Edge Oragnic Chemistry in Asia
Awards and Honors 2013 2013 Asian Core Program Lectureship Award from Japan The New Phase Asian Core Program On Cutting-Edge Oragnic Chemistry in Asia
Rewards from NCTU 2010 Award of Excellent Research for Junior Faculties School of Science, NCTU, (Taiwan)