Chien-Ming Tseng
Professor,Physical Chemistry
Assistant Professor
Name Chien-Ming Tseng
Office Tel No. 56500
Assistant Professor
Lab. phone 03-5712121#56508
Year Research Title
2016 The deactivation of UV excited biomolecules (DNA bases, amino acids and their chromophores) through repulsive πσ* state along with the N-H/O-H bond to account for the ultrafast decay pathway (so-called “photostability”). The narrow bandwidth of picosecond laser compared to femtosecond laser will be beneficial to perform the vibrational mode-specific excitation experiments of biomolecules. Thus, we established a picosecond laser system, which could perform UV-VUV pump-probe experiments. Using vacuum ultraviolet light (VUV) as universally and softly ionized method is valid to detect polyatomic photofragments, which are fragile against multi-photon ionization and complicated in spectroscopic identification. By measuring the rate of product growing and time-resolved electron/ion momentum imaging, one can clarify the detail relaxation mechanism of UV excited biomolecules. Soft X-ray core-level spectroscopy has been used as a powerful analyzing tool in material and chemical science due to its element-specific and site-specific capability (i.e. chemical shift). As the developments of synchrotron radiation light source in Taiwan, we plan to use the tunable soft x-ray synchrotron radiation light source to study the dynamics of site-specific dissociation of core-excited biomolecules. The possibility of localized Auger decay process after site-specific core-excitation could selectively break the chemical bonds, which is a valuable tool to control chemical reactions and mass spectrometric applications.
Country School Name Department Degree
National Taiwan University Department of Chemistry PhD.
National Taiwan University Department of Chemistry M.S.
National Taiwan University Department of Chemical Engineering B.S.
Organization Title Department Job Title Duration
Academia Sinica Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Post-doctor 2010.01 ~ 2011.01
National Institutes of Natural Science Institute for Molecular Sciences Post-doctor 2008.01 ~ 2010.01
Academia Sinica Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Research Assistant 2003.01 ~ 2007.01