Hsin-Yun HSU
Professor,Analytical Chemistry,Biochemistry & Biotechnology
Name Hsin-Yun HSU
Email hyhsu99@nctu.edu.tw
Office Tel No. +886-(0)3-5712121-56556
website http://hsulab619.wix.com/hyhsu
Lab. phone 03-5712121#56544
Associate Professor
Bioanalytics; Biomaterials; Targeted Drug Delivery Systems
Country School Name Department Degree Duration
Germany University of Tuebingen NMI Natural and Medical Sciences Institute PhD 2004.09 ~ 2008.04
Taiwan National Taiwan University Institute of Biomedical Engineering MSc. 2001.09 ~ 2003.06
Taiwan National Taiwan University Dept. of Agricultural Chemistry BSc. 1997.09 ~ 2001.06
Organization Title Department Job Title Duration
Kazusa DNA Research Institute, JAPAN Dept. of Human Genome Research Postdoctoral Research Fellow 2008.06 ~ 2010.03