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NameYu-Chie Chen
Telephone number(03)51-31527
Contact addressRoom 514, Tin Ka Ping Photonics Center
Personal websitehttp://mass1.ac.nctu.edu.tw
Area of ResearchAnalytical Chemistry
Job titleProfessor
Research SpecializationBiological Mass Spectrometry and Nano Biotechnonlgy
研究領域Our research interests include biological mass spectrometry (MS) and nano biotechnology. The primary goal is to solve the potential problems arising in both matrix-assisted laser desorption (MALDI) and electrospray ionization (ESI) mass spectrometry. One of our research targets is the development of novel mass spectrometry methods including atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometric methods and desorption/ionization techniques for the analysis of small organics and large biomolecules. Since the “design simplicity” is our goal in the development of analytical methods, we have devoted our efforts in developing ionization methods with the advantages of simplicity, low cost, and ease-of-operation. Additionally, one of our research aims is to explore functional nanomaterials as affinity/sensing probes for targeting biomolecules, bacteria and cancer cells. We also combine the knowledge in analytical chemistry to assist the emergence of efficient nanotechnology-based therapies and diagnostics.
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