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    Job titleNameResearch expertise
    Chair ProfessorChain-Shu HsuSynthesis and Application of Liquid Crystalline Polymers
    Chair ProfessorHiro-o HamaguchiPhotomolecular Science, Structural Chemistry, Molecular Spectroscopy, Biophysical Chemistry, Raman Spectroscopy and Imaging
    Chair ProfessorHiroshi MasuharaPhysical Chemistry、Photochemistry、Laser fabrication/manipulation
    Chair ProfessorMing-Chang LinChemical Kinetics, Combustion/propulsion, Materials Science, ab initio MO calculations
    Chair ProfessorSheng Hsien LinQuantum Chemistry, Theoretical Calculations, Principles of Molecular Spectroscopy and Photochemistry, Density Matrix Method and Femtosecond Processes, Advances in Multi-photon Processes and Spectroscopy
    Chair ProfessorYuan-Pern LeePhysical Chemistry, Laser Chemistry, Spectroscopy
    Professor and ChairmanChi-Shen LeeSolid State Chemistry, Crystallography
    ProfessorChaoyuan ZhuTheory of chemical reaction dynamics, quantum and semiclassical theory, computational chemistry
    ProfessorChung, Wen-ShengPhysical Organic Chemistry, Host -Guest Chemistry, Organic Photochemistry
    ProfessorChung-Ming SunCombinatorial Drug Discovery, Microwave-Assisted Polymer Supported Synthesis, Chemicalgenetics
    ProfessorEric W.-G DiauSolar Cells, Femtochemistry, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Spectrocopy and Photochemistry
    ProfessorHenryk WitekQuantum and Computational Chemistry, Applied Linear Algebra, Perturbation Theory
    ProfessorHsin-Tien ChiuInorganic Chemistry, Nano-Materials
    ProfessorIan LiauNonlinear microscopy, Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS), biophotonics
    ProfessorKien-Wen SunUltarfast Laser and Laser spectroscopy, Electron-beam Lithography, Nano-imprinting Technology, bio-chip
    ProfessorKwok Kong Tony MongOrganic synthesis、Carbohydrate chemistry、synthesis and design of biomacromolecule
    ProfessorNiann-Shiah WangReaction kinetics、atmospheric chemistry、combustion chemistry
    ProfessorTeng-Ming ChenMaterials Chemistry of Inorganic Phosphors, Inorganic Solid-State Chemistry, Luminescence and Spectroscopy of Rare Earths
    ProfessorTiing Yu 
    ProfessorYaw Kuen LiGlycohydrolases, Protein Engineering, LC/MS, Nanobiotechnology
    ProfessorYen-Ju ChengOrganic chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Material Chemistry
    ProfessorYou-Zung HsiehAnalytical Chemistry, Microchip Capillary Electrophoresis
    ProfessorYu-Chie ChenBiological Mass Spectrometry and Nano Biotechnonlgy
    Associate ProfessorJiun-Tai ChenPolymer Chemistry, Polymer Nanomaterials, Optoelectronic Polymers, Thin Film Fabrication, 3D Printing
    Associate ProfessorShih-Ching Chuangorganoanalytics, material chemistry,nanoparticle,organometallics
    Associate ProfessorShinsuke ShigetoMolecular imaging, Molecular spectroscopy, Biophysical chemistry, Laser chemistry
    Associate ProfessorWu, Shu-paoInorganic Chemistry, Protein, Biomaterials
    Assistant Professor 
    Assistant ProfessorChien-Ming TsengPhotodissociation Dynamics, Laser Chemistry, Soft X-ray photochemistry
    Assistant ProfessorHsin-Yun HSUBioanalytics, Biotechnology, Clinical Chemistry, immunodiagnostics
    Assistant ProfessorPawel Lukasz UrbanMass spectrometry and microscale biochemical analysis
    Assistant ProfessorYen-Ku WuOrganic Synthesis
    LecturerChing-San WuExperiment of Physical Chemistry, Experiment of Instrumental Analytical Chemistry
    Teaching Assistant 
    Teaching AssistantHsusan Shu Hsu 
    Visiting Professor
    Job titleNameResearch expertise
    Chair ProfessorHiroki NAKAMURATheory of chemical dynamics, semiclassical theory, nonadiabatic transition, laser control of chemical dynamics
    Chair ProfessorKoichi Narasaka 
    Chair ProfessorYuichi FUJIMURA 
    ProfessorMatsui HiroyukiPhysical Chemistry、High Temperature Chemistry
    Contracted Teaching Professor
    Job titleNameResearch expertise
    Assistant ProfessorLi, Ta-WeiStatistical Thermodynamics, Molecular Dynamics Simulations, Monte Carlo Simulations
    Assistant ProfessorLi-Shing HuangAnalytical Chemistry
    Adjunct Professor
    Job titleNameResearch expertise
    ProfessorChin-Ti Chenmaterial chemistry、Organic Chemistry
    ProfessorJim Jr-Min LinChemical Dynamics、Advanced Materials、Biophysics and Bioanalytical Technology 、Atomic Physics and Optical Science
    Associate ProfessorJiann-Shing WuPolymer Processing, Polymer Rheology, Polymeric Materials
    Assistant ProfessorTiow-Gan OngOrganometallic Chemistry and Material Science with Catalysis Implication
    Honorary Retired
    Job titleNameResearch expertise
    Honorary Chair ProfessorFeng-Chih ChangPolymer blend, Polymer nanocomposite, Structure and properties of polymer.
    Honorary Chair ProfessorTse-Lok HoOrganic Synthesis Methodologies and Total Synthesis, Theoretical Organic Chemistry, Reactivity Studies of Organic Reactions
    Job titleNameResearch expertise
    ProfessorChing-Fong ShuInorganic Photochmistry, Electrochemistry, Polymer for Electro Optic Appications
    ProfessorHsien-Jen WuOrganic Chemistry、Synthesis Chemistry
    ProfessorJenn-Shing ChenPhysical Chemistry, Molecular Conformation, Colloid Chemistry
    ProfessorMu-Shih LinPolymer Materials, Polymer Synthesis, Polymer Degradation and Stabilization
    ProfessorTzuoh-Min JuangSynthesis of Optical Agents and Specialty Drugs, Synthesis of liquid Crystal
    ProfessorWei-Ming LeeQuantum Chemistry, Physical Organic Chemistry
    ProfessorWen-An LoongMicrolithography, Resist Materials, Plasma Etching, Phase-Shifting Mask, Process Simulation, Micromachining.
    ProfessorYn-Hwang LinPhysical Chemistry, Polymer Molecular Rheology
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