Yaw Kuen Li
Professor,Organic Chemistry,Biochemistry & Biotechnology
Name Yaw Kuen Li
Email ykl@cc.nctu.edu.tw
Office Tel No. (03)5712121-31985
Lab. phone 03-5712121#56545
Project Category Year Project Title Participartor Job Title Period Unit
99 Develop an ultrasensitive nanobiosensor platform with potential for commercialization Yaw Kuen Li PI 2010.12.01 ~ 2013.11.01 Ministry of Economic Affair, Taiwan
99 Study of novel peptides with auto-cleavage properties and the application for effective protein purification Yaw Kuen Li PI 2010.08.01 ~ 2012.07.01 NSC
97 Study of GH-64 family beta-glucosidase through the application of bioinformatics and structure simulation Yaw Kuen Li PI 2008.08.01 ~ 2011.07.01 NSC
96 Study on human hyaluronidases and inhibitor screening Yaw Kuen Li PI 2007.08.01 ~ 2010.07.01 NSC
95 Multi-functional nano-particles for bio-application Yaw Kuen Li Co-PI 2006.08.01 ~ 2009.07.01 NSC
94 Structure and catalytic mechanism of human alpha-fucosidase Yaw Kuen Li PI 2005.08.01 ~ 2007.07.01 NSC
93 Development of a nanosensor platform for biomolecular detection application of Yaw Kuen Li PI 2004.08.01 ~ 2007.07.01 NSC
92 Mechanistic study and application of laminariopentose-producing beta-1.3-glucanase Yaw Kuen Li PI 2003.08.01 ~ 2006.07.01 NSC
Year Research Title Publish Date Authors
Country School Name Department Degree
USA Tulane University Chemistry Ph.D.
Taiwan National Cheng Kung Univ. Chemistry M. S.
Taiwan National Tsing Hua Vniv. Chemistry B. S.
Organization Title Department Job Title
National Chiao Tung Univ. College of Science Dean
University of Tubingen, Germany NMI Visiting scholar
National Science Council Natural Science Director of Chemistry devision
li<x>nkoping University, Sweden Chemist, Physics and Biology Visiting Scholar
National Chiao Tung University Student Affair Dean
National Science Council Biological Science Panel of Biochemistry Devision
National Chiao Tung University Applied Chemistry Chair & Professor
National Science Council Natural Science Panel of Chemistry Devision
National Chiao Tung Univ. Chemistry Professor
University of British Columbia, Canada Chemistry Visiting Scholar
National Chiao Tung University Applied Chemistry Associate Professor
Johns Hopkins Univ. School of Medicin Pharmacology and Molecular Science Post Doctoral Fellow